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File:Varjayogini.jpg|right|thumb|Tibetan board carving of the dakini Vajrayogini. A '''''ḍākinī''''' ( THL Simplified Phonetic Transcription|THL ''Khandroma''; ; ) is a type of spirit in Vajrayana|Vajrayana Buddhism. The Sanskrit term is likely related to the term for drumming, while the Tibetan term means "sky goer" and may have originated in the Sanskrit ''khecara'', a term from the ''Cakrasaṃvara Tantra''. Dakinis are often represented as consorts in Yab-Yum representations. The masculine form of the word is '''''''''', which is usually translated into Tibetan as ''pawo'' "hero" (). The dakini (and the daka) appeared in medieval legends in North India (such as in the ''Bhagavata Purana'', ''Brahma Purana'', ''Markandeya Purana'' and ''Kathasaritsagara'') as a demon in the train of Kali who feeds on human flesh.Monier-Williams, ''A Sanskrit...